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© Alexander Yakovlev - Fotolia.comEngagement means to stand up for a goal.

PolymerMat is highly engaged in the networking of stakeholders in the Thuringian plastic industry among the value added chain. This includes material suppliers and manufacturers, tools and moulds constructors, research and development institutions, professional and advanced education, associations and organizations in the industry.

PolymerMat offers a platform for shared information, communication and cooperation.

Our goal is to make the Thuringian plastic industry visible nationwide and to boost its competences and innovation forces. Therefore, an even more intensive collaboration among enterprises of all stages of the value added chain is needed as well as the collaboration between scientific and educational institutions.

Additionally, the networking with crucial applier branches like automotive, packaging, building, electrics/electronics, medicine and optics shall be deepened.

To do so, the cluster management is transferred to PolymerMat by its members. The duties are cluster building and linking, improvement of the scientific and educational resources on plastic matters and to offer enterprise-related services.